A Pennsylvania man wanted to make a point: David Kliss was upset that a mandated sewer tie-in would cost him thousands of dollars. So he put up a sign that read, "$10,000 to Take a Crap." He was ordered to remove the offending word, crap, because he was violating a zoning ordinance that "No Loud, Vulgar, Indecent or Obscene Advertising matter shall be displayed in any manner." He took off the word, but it didn't sit right with him, and he filed a federal lawsuit against what he viewed as a bogus, vague law.

He says the word vulgar wasn't properly defined, and that crap isn't an offensive word to begin with, anymore. So to prove his point, he turned to the ultimate argument settler, and cited an episode of Seinfeld: "In my brief, I used an episode of Seinfeld from 1993, in which the word crap was used four times in 15 seconds, to demonstrate that our society does not view that word as unspeakable," he said. You can watch the scene from the episode "The Old Man," in which Kramer and Newman try to sell Bleeker Bob (played by Tobin Bell, aka Jigsaw) used records, but end up calling him "nothing but a piece of crap," here.