Since May, a Philadelphia man has used Manhattan payphones to make 10 calls to 911 threatening to kill Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly, authorities tell Jeffrey Fisher, 48, is being held on $100,000 bail after his arraignment Saturday in Manhattan Criminal Court on 10 counts of making a terroristic threat. According to prosecutors, his calls included such threats as, "I'm gonna come and kill your Mayor," and "The Mayor's office, he's a target, we will kill him." During one of four calls in October, he allegedly asked the operator to "tell Commissioner Kelly he is dead," and during another call he threatened to "kill the mayor if he shows up to the marathon." (This proved to be an empty threat.)

During his last phone call, on December 10th, Fisher vowed to hurt Kelly's relatives "if he continues his 9/11 bullshit, his family is going to feel it." It's unclear what the "9/11 bullshit" is exactly, or how cops caught Fisher, or why a Philadelphia man is using Manhattan pay phones to threaten officials in NYC. (Sixth borough bitterness?) Fisher is being put under psychiatric evaluation and has another court date Thursday.