A cab driver was stabbed by a passenger last night after he allegedly asked him, "Are you Muslim?"

According to Detective Marc Nell, the unnamed 43-year-old Asian driver picked up Michael Enright, 21, of Brewster, NY at the intersection of 24th Street and 2nd Avenue. As they were headed north, Enright asked the driver is he was Muslim, and when the driver said he was, Enright allegedly stabbed him repeatedly with a Leatherman tool. "[Enright] stabbed the driver in the throat, right arm, left forearm, right thumb and upper lip," Nell said. But the driver was able to call 911, lock Enright in the backseat, and wait till police arrived.

The driver was taken to Bellevue Hospital, and is in stable condition. Enright has been charged with "attempted murder two as a hate crime, assault with a weapon as a hate crime, aggravated harassment second degree because of race and religion, and criminal possession of a weapon."