A Long Island man who was collecting food for the poor was carjacked, then fatally run over by his carjacker yesterday. Dionel Ramirez, 69, had left his car running in front of a 7-Eleven in North Bay Shore while he ran inside to pick up surplus food for a soup kitchen around 5:45 a.m. Friday.

He saw the carjacker get into his vehicle, and he ran out to block him from leaving; the carjacker ran him over and fled the scene. Ramirez was pronounced dead at Southside Hospital. "He came in and got a cup of coffee, and then the guy got in his car,” a store employee told the Post. "He ran outside to try and stop him, but he got run over, and the man left in his car."

The car was later recovered, but the carjacker is still on the loose. Ramirez's family describes him as a hard-working immigrant from Guatemala who wanted to give back to the less fortunate: "He always just wants to help people because he came from a poor country, and having all this is a blessing," daughter Michelle Ramirez told NBC. "He was happy, he was just, 'I'm happy that I'm here, happy to have my family.' I woke up and he's gone."