A New Jersey man and his smartly-dressed alien dummy were caught skirting traffic laws in Brooklyn this week, after getting into who knows what sort of wacky adventures in Staten Island.

According to police, a man in his 50s was stopped on Wednesday while driving in the HOV ramp off the Verrazano Bridge with his homemade pal (Carl? Let's call him Carl.) Not that there's anything wrong with building a shiny companion, sticking him in a collegiate/unibomber outfit, and shooting the shit as you cruise through the fast lane. This is supposed to be the city of dreams, is it not?

NYPD highway patrol took a less enlightened view, seeing as vehicles in the HOV lane are required to have two living, breathing occupants. By that point, Carl had apparently gone insensate (though not before reportedly murmuring one final "Hook 'Em, Horns," and wrapping himself in a seat belt).

The driver was subsequently issued a summons for disobeying a traffic device, which carries an unspecified fine and max two points on your license.

Sources say the man then turned to his friend, sighing "I told you that was a bad idea, Carl," and handed him the aux cord.