Among the things we learned from the Chilean Miners saga is this: always keep your wife and mistress (and second mistress) separate. Along with that, we'd add this: don't bury your longtime partner with your wife, under any circumstances. Well-intentioned Bronx man Santos Ellin might do well to heed that last piece of advice.

Ellin buried his longtime lover, Maria Acevedo, in the same grave as his long-deceased wife, and Acevedo's five children are pretty unhappy with the situation. Ellin's wife Lucy died from cancer thirty years ago at the age of thirty-seven, and told her husband from her deathbed he should find someone else after she was gone. Ellin met Acevedo at a salsa club, and the two fell in love and were together for eighteen years, winning dance competitions along the way. When she died two years ago, he had her buried in the same plot as his wife, which fits three people (his father is also buried in the same grave). "I put [Maria] there because she was my partner, my wife, my friend, my everything...I don't regret it," he told the Post.

The children say they were emotionally distressed at the time of the death, unable to pay to bury her themselves, and went along with Ellin's plan. But they've now petitioned the court to be able to have their mother exhumed and buried elsewhere. Ellin was trying to do the right thing for Acevedo, whose burial is indicated only by a laminated makeshift marker, but perhaps he should consider investing in something a bit classier for his next love.