What started as a knife fight in the back of a city bus became even more harrowing after a wounded man brandished a gun on the B6 in Brooklyn.

Yesterday's scuffle began with fisticuffs around 3 p.m., then devolved into knife fighting, the Daily News reports. The driver pulled to the side of the road at Avenue H and 56th Street to release everyone from the mobile brawl, including the 19-year-old who'd been stabbed in the head and chest.

The injured man briefly stepped off the bus but then jumped back on, whipping out a gun and scanning for his assailants. “He didn't say a word,” the driver told the tabloid. “He was looking for the people that did that to him. But they had taken off.”

Eventually, he was swept off to Kings County Hospital, where he remains in critical condition. No shots were fired, and no one else aboard the bus was injured.