A worker at a Midtown Manhattan nightclub was allegedly tied up with an electrical cord after he got into an intoxicated altercation with patrons early Saturday morning. According to the New York Post, Kobong Choi, restrained a Club Voa employee after the employee began drunkenly feuding with customers and other co-workers. Choi reportedly left the unnamed man in the closed club overnight, deeming him too drunk to be dealt with

The Post later notes that police were alerted to the situation by the employee's friend who had initially said the bound man had been stabbed and trapped inside the East 49th Street club. When officers arrived, they were forced to knock Club Voa's door down with the help of a sledgehammer. EMS workers found scars on the man's stomach and arms and rushed him to a nearby hospital at roughly 7:40 a.m. yesterday.

It's currently unknown if Choi was an employee or patron of the bar. Police have charged him with unlawful imprisonment and assault, and have stated that the investigation is still ongoing and could potentially lead to more arrests. Neighbors described Choi as easily angered over anything he deemed unduly noisy. "He was very aggressive in his approach," an unnamed woman told the Post.