The man who believes to be the young boy kidnapped on Long Island over fifty years ago has come forward and talked to reporters today about piecing together his confused past. John Barnes, 54, told reporters that from childhood he never felt as though he fit in with the family that raised him. Barnes found old pictures of the two-year-old kidnapping victim, Steven Damman, and noticed a resemblance while doing online research looking for clues about his past. The News says that Barnes has a scar on his face and mole behind his right calf that suggest he is the child whose high-profile kidnapping case has baffled detectives for years. He is still awaiting an official DNA test being conducted by the FBI.

The little toddler Steven Damman was grabbed right out of his stroller while his mother was popping into a store in East Meadow to buy a loaf of bread on the afternoon of Halloween, 1955, remaining an unsolved mystery ever since. In '56, his mother told The Saturday Evening Post, "It was something which I had done a thousand times, and other women still do. It is as common to a housewife as cooking eggs for breakfast."

The mother is now in a nursing home and has not been told about the update in the case. Damman's father is aware of the breakthrough—he told Newsday, "It probably is him. (I'm) not a hundred percent sure. But there's good reason to believe it might be"— but has yet to meet Barnes. Barnes, who lives in Michigan, has met the woman he believes to be his sister, Pamela Horne, who was just 7-months-old at the time of the abduction. Barnes said, "It was great to find out I had a sister. I didn't know about. There's just a bond there. You can tell."

The News says that the father that raised Barnes is still alive, but may not yet know of Barnes's discovery. Horne told the News, "He hopes his father gets prosecuted and burns in hell." Barnes simply stated, "I want to know who my real parents are, and I want to know what happened back in 1955. I want to know who was involved in the kidnapping, and what was their motivation. Just answers to the questions I've had my whole life."