082608cops.jpg35-year-old Marlon Smith, who was allegedly beaten, pistol whipped and maced by two off-duty female cops during a road rage incident in the Bronx on August 15th, says he's suing the city for $25 million. According to a witness, the altercation was sparked when Kollen Robinson, 24, and Michelle Anglin, 37, yelled at Smith to close his car door so they could pass by in Robinson's SUV. An exchange of insults quickly became physical, with Robinson reportedly punching Smith while asking, "Do you know who you are f----ing with? We are the police."

Smith was hospitalized with 25 staples holding together the three gashes in his skull. The officers (not pictured here) have been stripped of their guns and badges and have pleaded not guilty to gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, WABC reports. At a recent press conference, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, "If these allegations prove true, it's a horrendous case, a horrendous situation."

Smith says he's suffered headaches and blurred vision since the beating, and tells the Daily News, "I keep having flashbacks to that moment. I'm just scared." Witness Cyle Perry-Osby, who tried to intervene and corroborates Smith's claim that the cops also pointed a gun in his face, explains, "The reason why I got involved was simply because it was wrong and the other party was just trying to get into his car...and to me seeing something like that is not something that should be going on no matter if it's cops or regular civilians in New York City."

Photo courtesy Kenyee.