So let's say you've just led police on a four-mile-long high speed car chase, which only came to an end after you struck a state police cruiser and slammed into the center median barrier of I-84. Do you get out of the car, admit defeat, and demurely go with the police? Or do you tell them to wait while you finish smoking your crack cocaine?

If you're Edward Itchkawitz, then you always choose the latter. Police tried and failed to pull over Itchkawitz, 47, on I-84 in Orange County on Wednesday night when the wild chase ensued. Afterwards, troopers searched Itchkawitz's car and found several stolen credit cards and a forged personal check, which stem from separate crimes that took place in Westchester and Rockland Counties. He is also wanted in connection with a West Nyack robbery—police believe he stole a woman's pocketbook.

Itchkawitz was charged with a litany of crimes, but we wonder where his antics rank on the rude scale (especially since it was Erev Rosh Hashanah); maybe somewhere between a Lindsay Lohan and a NY Times columnist?