Police have found the owner of the Inifiniti that fatally ran over a woman crossing the West Side Highway yesterday morning. Marlen Mustafaev of Sheepshead Bay was arrested for leaving the scene of a fatal accident (the car's four passengers fled after it hit 21 year old Jessica Martinez). Mustafaev told the police that his car was stolen that morning, but according to the Daily News, the police didn't believe him (maybe because they have fingerprint evidence on the keys which were left in the car?). However, he was not "charged with drunken driving because too much time had elapsed for cops to test him." Egads - he Post reports that an empty bottle of malt liquor was found in the front seat. Martinez and her cousin had been crossing the West Side Highway in search of their car, which they suspected was towed; there is an impound lot at Pier 76. Martinez's body was dismembered by the car, which some think was traveling at 100 MPH.

The NY Times story about the incident mentions that the car is registered to a 21 year old in Bronxville who says his car was stolen, but both the Daily News and Post say Mustafaev was the registered owner.