Hours after a frightening incident at the shopping center in Columbus Circle, police have arrested a man for attempting to rape a woman in the restroom.

Around 10 a.m. on April 21, authorities say that Ibrahima Barry, 24, entered the Shops at Columbus Circle, at the Time Warner Center, and took the the escalator to the second floor, where he entered the women's restroom.

Inside the restroom, the NYPD says that Barry allegedly entered a stall and crawled under a divider to go into another stall where an 18-year-old woman was. He allegedly said, "Hey" while exposing his underwear.

The victim screamed, and Barry allegedly ran out. He was later located in the Bronx by a tipster.

The victim was not harmed.

A spokesman for the Time Warner Center had said yesterday, "This morning, building security was alerted to an incident in a public restroom and immediately responded and notified the New York Police Department. Time Warner Center Security continues to coordinate and work closely with the NYPD as they conduct their investigation."