Problem drinkers with violent tendencies toward cops are quickly learning that the NYPD is vigilantly monitoring social media for any threats against police. Brooklyn resident Jose Maldonado is spending the holidays on Rikers Island after threatening to kill cops on Facebook earlier this week. He says he was just drunk, and he's sorry, but he's being held in lieu of $25,000 bail after being charged with making terroristic threats.

Maldonado, 26, turned himself in to police on Christmas Eve, two days after he posted this message on Facebook: "Might just go out and kill two cops myself!!" The threat appeared to echo the Instagram threat made by Ismaaiyl Brinsley hours before he assassinated two officers in their squad car last Saturday. (Brinsley wrote that he was “putting wings on pigs today...They take 1 of ours...Let’s take 2 of theirs.")

One Facebook friend presciently told Maldonado, "Let it all out bro... You will probably be investigated . . . they are monitoring and putting in key words to try to find every potential threat."

According to a court papers obtained by the Daily News, Maldonado told investigators, "I was hanging out with my family and had a little too much to drink and posted up some negative comments. (I) wouldn’t of did that on my own. I was drunk and apologize."

Six people have been arrested in the past week for allegedly threatening police. On Christmas Eve, police also arrested a 38-year-old Queens man named Elvin Payamps, who was overheard threatening to kill cops at a bank near his home. A subsequent search of the residence yielded guns, bullet-proof vests, and brass knuckles.

The NYPD issued this statement on Christmas Eve:

All threats against members of the NYPD are taken seriously and are investigated immediately to determine the credibility and origin of the information. So far, we have assessed hundreds of online postings and calls to 911 and 311 that have resulted in about 40 threat investigations, of which about half have been closed or referred to other agencies. Although, we have made four arrests, officers are advised to remain vigilant at all times. Additionally, security measures will continue to be assessed and police resources will be deployed accordingly. However, we continue to ask that the public, upon becoming aware of any threats, immediately report the information to the police.