Police arrested a man in connection with the shooting of a five-year-old girl in the Bronx. Angel Morales, 18, was charged with attempted murder and criminal possession for allegedly firing outside a building on Hughes Avenue in East Tremont early yesterday morning.

Little Haley Dominguez and her family had just gotten home from baby shower and were exiting a taxi when a bullet rang out and hit Haley in the stomach and went into her lung. A neighbor who found Haley in the hallway told NBC New York, "I heard a bunch of screaming and went out to see what was going on. I called 911 not realizing she was hit.... She was so quiet. Then police came and opened up the jacket as I held her. She was bleeding."

WABC 7 reports, "Hailey's stepfather Jose Rosario said the family ran into the building before realizing the girl had been seriously wounded." She is in a medically-induced coma (but in stable condition) at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital.

According to the Post, "Witnesses said that a group of men approached a street corner near the building and that one pulled a gun and began firing. A source said no one in the family was the intended target."