Well, if you're going to get arrested for sexual assault, why stop when you're at the police precinct? The Post reports that Brooklyn lawyer Barry Bondorowsky was at the 84th Precinct for allegedly assaulting a vacuum cleaner sales woman but he "tried to get freaky at the precinct -- groping the arresting officer and trying to kiss her male sergeant." Police sources say he "repeatedly tried to grab the [arresting] officer's buttocks" and smack his lips on her boss.

As for the alleged assault Bondorowsky was arrested for, the saleswoman tells the Post that she demonstrated a Kirby vacuum and then asked to use his bathroom. "He grabbed me hard and squeezed my breasts. I pushed him away as hard as I could. I was scared, panicking." He allegedly ordered her to his bed, "He said, 'I don't need a vacuum, I need a woman!'"

Bondorowsky is out on $500 bail after being charged with assault, sex-abuse, and forcible-touching.