A Connecticut man was arrested yesterday after "selling undercover officers eight crude pipe bombs from his white Subaru, parked at a Co-Op City shopping center." Nicholas Lihnier, a 37-year-old Connecticut resident, reportedly had filled cardboard tubes with "potassium perchlorate and aluminum with attached pyrotechnic fuses." Authorities believe the makeshift bombs could have caused serious injury.

WABC 7 says that while Lihnier's Bridgeport apartment was searched, " a Connecticut State Trooper sustained a minor injury when one of his makeshift pipe bombs flashed over." And an onlooker in the Bronx told NY1, "It's really scary, knowing that I'm here with my family, and all of a sudden anything could have just happened to us, and we didn't know nothing about [it]. I saw a whole bunch of them because I was parked right next to them, so I thought it was firemen at first."