America is about a lot of things, but if there's one thing that America is about way more than anything else, it's freedom. Freedom to worship your own weird religion, freedom to torment public figures and the freedom for them to sue you into submission. And most of all, freedom to own a bitchin' van and blast some kickin' tunes from it. OR SO WE THOUGHT, as the arrest of a man in Queens merely for the crime of being a public nuisance with his van full of 50 speakers shows there are apparently limits to freedom in Obama's America.

As the above tweet from the NYPD's 110th Precinct shows, you can only have a kick ass van party for so long before the Man comes to shut you down. According to NBC, Nelson Hidlago, the owner of this sweet van, has been charged with "criminal nuisance, unreasonable noise, unlawful assembly" and other crimes, one of which is probably having a van that's just way too awesome.

How long Hidalgo has been partying in Willets Point is unclear at the moment, but one tweet from 2015 and a 2013 story from the Times Ledger suggest that he's hardly the only one who's been partying hard in Willets Point. Which leads us to believe that he was turned in by a jealous hater who was driven crazy by Hidalgo's totally badass speaker van which we would really love to party in.