The NYPD has arrested a man they say followed a woman into her South Williamsburg apartment this week and attempted to rape her.

Hasson Durham, 21, has been charged with attempted rape, stalking, sexually motivated burglary, forcible touching, and sexual abuse. Police say that at around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, he followed a 37-year-old woman into her building near Driggs Avenue and South 8th Street; there, he allegedly pulled down her pants and underwear. She was able to fight him off and he fled the scene.

Durham, who lives in Williamsburg, was arrested today. He was apparently buzzed into the building in which the woman was attacked, and management has been warning residents not to buzz in strangers, though one resident told WCBS 2 that "the buzzers sometimes, they static up. You can’t really hear who you’re buzzing in, what’s going on, so sometimes, you just buzz them in."