A Long Island man allegedly tried to smuggle a number of knives onto a plane at John F. Kennedy Airport yesterday, including a trench knife and several pairs of scissors. He was nabbed by security and has since been arrested, and it's unclear where he was planning to take all those blades.

Cops say 29-year-old Timothy Schiavo Jr., a Patchogue resident, sent his bag through a security screener at a Terminal 5 checkpoint yesterday afternoon, and was reportedly set to board a JetBlue flight shortly thereafter. But authorities say the machines spotted a number of ostensible weapons in Schiavo's bag, including two illegal knifes: the trench knife—which has metal knuckles on the handle of the blade—and a a hunting knife. They also say they found a number of pocket knives, scissors, matches and lighters, with ten blades recovered in total.

Schiavo was promptly arrested and charged with criminal possession of weapons. Authorities have not released his flight destination, and it's unclear how he thought he'd get on a plane with all that gear; JFK security might have its problems, but if they can catch someone wearing a diaper full of cocaine, they'll probably notice your bag of knives. Probably.