An 18-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murdering a young woman on Long Island this week. Maxwell Sherman has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of 18-year-old Lauren Daverin, whose nude body was found on a Rockville Centre footbridge on Thursday. Sherman, who allegedly strangled and beat Daverin to death, also gave a bizarre television interview at the scene of the crime before his bust. According to the Post, Sherman told the cameras, "I'm amazed."

Daverin had been out with friends on the bridge Thursday evening when they left her alone for about an hour. “I left her to hang out with other people, then I came back to see if she was still here,” David Paiz told CBS. “I came back and saw her dead body so I called 911.” “She was completely naked, and she only had her boots on, and she was just thrown there,” his brother, Eric Paiz, added.

It's unknown whether Sherman and Daverin knew each other before that night. Sherman, who is an unemployed recent high school graduate who lives with his parents, is considered a flight risk, and is being held without bail until his next court date on Wednesday.

Friends described Daverin as a fun-loving "wild child" who loved to dance and hang out at the footbridge: “I just started crying. And that’s when it hit me that my best friend was really gone,” Laura Barabasch said. “The bridge we hang out on is a real fun place. I’ll come back here to remember her and all the good times we shared,” she said.

Daverin's family has set up an online eulogy page on Facebook, where an older sister posted: "Every part of my heart is broken and I cannot wait to meet you again in another life and make sure I appreciate every hug and every kiss and every fight. RIP baby, I'm so sorry I have to write this on Facebook instead of telling you to your face."