This is not the most newsworthy story of the day, but it's probably the weirdest: a man applying for a passport in the Financial District yesterday got so upset he ended up hiding in the ceiling tiles on an upper floor of the building. Though, if you've ever applied for a passport, or drivers license, or building permit, or whatever other fun bureaucratic mind-and-timekiller that'll make you consider making a run from civilization and living in a treehouse for ten years, well, maybe it's not that bizarre.

The man, who is still unnamed, showed up at a federal office building on Varick Street shortly before 5 p.m., "became irate," fled through the emergency exit, ended up on the 12th floor, and, naturally, managed to climb up to the ceiling and take up residence between the floors. He was arrested and taken to Bellevue for psychiatric evaluation, where we assume he'll explain he was just trying to find Andy Bernard's cell phone.