A Queens teenager was fatally stabbed during a dispute in an Internet cafe in Flushing last night. According to police, 19-year-old Yangpu Fan was taken by private means to Booth Memorial Hospital, where officers responded to a 911 call around 9:45 p.m.

After gathering information at the hospital, police proceeded to the K&D Internet Cafe on 38-19 Union Street in Flushing, where Fan had been stabbed in the torso. There they found his alleged assailant, still in the cafe at his computer. The 51-year-old man was taken into custody at the scene. Investigators also recovered a knife at the location.

Fan was pronounced dead at the hospital this morning,

Reached by phone today, an employee at K&D Internet Cafe said the man taken into custody is a "regular customer" who is always "very calm." Employee Paul Then said that the cafe was crowded last night when "the Chinese kids came, and the Korean guy was sitting there, taking a break with his computer off. The kids see him sitting there with his computer off and wanted his seat, but he refused to give up his seat."

According to Then, the "kids" left the cafe and returned with a larger group of teens to escalate the dispute over the man's seat. "I think the Korean guy just stabbed one of the kids," Then said. "But when he stabs the kid no one notices it. Very strange. Kid went out with his friend and went to the hospital directly, and nobody knows the kid got stabbed."

Then said there was no blood resulting from the stabbing, and the alleged assailant was still there when police returned about a half hour later to investigate.

An NYPD spokesperson said no charges had been filed this morning, and declined to provide the name of the man in custody.