Man Allegedly Stabbed Cousin's Family To Death Because Of Noise

Mingdong Chen, the illegal immigrant from China accused of brutally stabbing his cousin's family to death last October, was found unfit to stand trial yesterday after psychiatrists declared that Chen "is currently exhibiting symptoms of a severe mental illness."

Chen allegedly stabbed his cousin's wife and four children to death in their Sunset Park apartment, nearly decapitating two of the children with a meat cleaver. According to court documents released yesterday, the 26-year-old told detectives after the murder that "this happened tonight because I was thinking about not having a wife and job."

Chen had been drifting between homes, staying at his cousin's house after his cousin had tried to move him to a residence in Flushing. But Chen disliked the Flushing accommodations, later telling investigators, "It’s a mahjong spot. I didn’t like staying there because it was too loud. So I argued and took a knife to them.”

During the interrogation, Chen lashed out at detectives, allegedly punching one in the chest and attempting to kick one with his blood-soaked boot. Chen will be put on medication and reevaluated until the psychiatrists deem he is fit to stand trial. He is facing life with no parole.

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