It's hard to drive off with a bicycle mangled under your fender, but one man apparently managed to do just that, if this photo of a hit-and-run at Tompkins and Myrtle avenues in Brooklyn is to be believed.

A tipster sent us this shot of what he said was a hit-and-run committed by a guy in a gray Nissan. From a Facebook post:

This a$$hole was texting as he rolled threw a red light intersection and ran over a guy just sitting on his bike waiting for the light. PLEASE HELP US CATCH THIS GUY...

I tried to block his car with my bike, but he came out and almost accosted both of us. he was too big for us to handle...He sped off with his half way pregnant partner.

FDNY reported no transports at that intersection, so it's unclear whether the cyclist was injured. Here's his photo:


If you see him—particularly while you're cycling, walking or driving—perhaps move away. If you know him, well, give him a stern finger wag and maybe don't get in his car.