Sure, divorces can leave people angry—but angry to the point of sending alimony checks "smeared with feces"? That's apparently what one Long Island man did—and he's been hit with federal charges.

According to the NY Post, Gerald Desiderio was "charged by Brooklyn federal prosecutors with sending hazardous materials through the US Mail, obstructing the mail, and interstate stalking." Besides "a series of alimony checks in the mail that were smeared with feces," Desiderio also allegedly sent "harassing and vulgar notes and tasteless objects...including a photo of a knife with a serrated blade." The Daily Mail adds other disturbing things were "a sketch of a woman in a straitjacket [and] pictures of people engaged in sexual acts."

And how did the authorities determine what was on the checks? Test results "came back with numerous hits for organic substances that contained proteins and active biological ingredients."

His ex-wife claimed she had to move to Arizona because she worried about her safety. The 51-year-old Garden City resident, who works as a bartender, was released on $35,000 bail.