Last December, Lawrence Elliot was arrested for leading an undercover cop to a crack deal. Justice Michael Sonberg was to sentence him to two and a half years in prison on the November 9th, but decided to let Elliot go free until December 7th to care for his father, who had just suffered a stroke. We're guessing hindsight is looking about 20/20 for that judge, because Elliot was arrested on Saturday and charged with raping and robbing a City College student in her Hamilton Heights home on Thursday—two days after he was let free.

Sonberg reportedly warned Elliot, "If you are rearrested before I sentence you, your plea stands, but I can send you to prison for six to 15 years," before letting him go. But on Thursday he was caught trying to use his victim's ATM card at a bodega, and he was nabbed after the daytime rape near St. Nicholas Park. Elliot also has a long rap sheet, including spending six years in jail for a rape conviction in 1993. Office of Court Administration spokesman David Bookstaver said, "At the time, Justice Sonberg felt this was the right decision. In hindsight, the judge deeply regrets the outcome."

Hamilton Heights residents were shocked that a judge would let a man previously convicted of rape back on the streets. "That doesn't make any sense. That's a disgrace," said one woman, but another said she was relieved that he was arrested. “I think it’s great. I think it’s a great thing the police department did their job and made an arrest so quickly,” she told WCBS.