As we all know from reading, men are always and forever better drivers than women, because "men invented cars and have been piloting them with greater skill since day one." Since day one! Unfortunately, some male drivers are still insecure about their inherent mastery of the motor vehicle, and one thin-skinned man/driver/p.o.s. allegedly hit a woman who criticized his performance behind the wheel.

Police have arrested 25-year-old Alex Hernandez for hitting a 50-year-old woman with his car in The Bronx this month. The woman, whose name hasn't been released, was crossing the street at Bruckner Boulevard and West 138th Street at 1 p.m. on August 18th when the incident happened. Police sources told the News that the woman yelled at Hernandez, who was driving a white sedan at the time, as he drove by. Hernandez then allegedly made a U-turn, drove back, and hit the woman.

Witnesses told DNAInfo that the woman pushed two men, Henry Maldonado and Julio Carrillo, out of the way of the car. "I felt angry, man," said Maldonado, who added that the three all lived in the same building and had gone out for coffee together that day. "It was unnecessary."

The woman was taken to Lincoln Hospital in critical condition, and is reportedly on the mend now. Hernandez allegedly fled the scene of the crime, and wasn't arrested until yesterday. He has been charged with vehicular assault, failure to notify accident, and failure to report accident.