A modern day Fagin was arrested at Grand Central Terminal earlier this month (you remember Fagin? Who taught Oliver Twist to pickpocket?) . According to reports 36-year-old Norriel Ferguson took two New Jersey minors aged 16 and 11 into the city and made them sell candy for cash. It is not currently clear if the children were related to Ferguson.

According to court documents, Ferguson picked up the two kids in Jersey City on November 14th and persuaded them to sell candy on the PATH and at Rockefeller Plaza. They reportedly agreed, but then wanted to go home—which didn't suit Ferguson. Instead he took them to Grand Central to keep selling. We guess he was hoping they might grow into the next super subway candy peddlers?

Anyway, it was in GCT where an MTA cop noticed Ferguson fighting with the older kid, specifically allegedly threatening to "punch him if he didn't board the train" and sell sweets. Once it became clear what was going on, the officer arrested Ferguson and charged him with labor trafficking, endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful imprisonment. At least he wasn't making the kids pickpocket—that we know of!