A Brooklyn man has been arrested after he allegedly fatally shot his girlfriend in the head in a Bushwick apartment on Saturday.

Police say that Bryan Gonzalez, 34, shot his 33-year-old girlfriend, whom the News identifies as Tanya Collazo, inside a basement apartment on Suydam Street near Knickerbocker Avenue around 7:30 a.m. yesterday. Afterwards, witnesses say he ran outside and into Great Land Deli while shirtless and covered in blood.

"He looked crazy," clerk Jimmy Alradie told the News. "He had blood on his hands, on his fingers and all over his face." Alradie says Gonzalez grabbed a pair of knives from behind the counter and held them to his neck threatening suicide, but Alradie was able to knock at least one of them out of his hand.

Despite all that, cops were able to subdue him without incident. Gonzalez has been charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of controlled substance. The News adds that he "improbably claimed he was playing with the .40-caliber handgun and it accidentally went off."