A 66-year-old man allegedly bludgeoned his nursing home roommate to death on Wednesday over a disagreement on whether to keep a curtain separating their beds drawn.

Thomas Yarnavick, a resident at Beacon Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in the Rockaways, was so adamant in his preference to keep the curtain shut that he allegedly used a wheelchair leg rest to beat and, ultimately, kill 71-year-old roommate, Jailall Singh.

The home, which had just completed extensive renovations after being damaged by Sandy, was just starting to return to normal when the attack occurred. Then again, "normal" isn't the same as "good," according to at least one resident.

“Last night I heard screaming voices, but that happens all the time,” 63-year-old Kamal Musa, who lives across the hall from the pair, told the Daily News.

Yarnavick has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon—the wheelchair.