A New Jersey man has been arrested after attempting to light a man and a 10-year-old boy on fire with gasoline and a flare. A man was walking his son to school in Jersey City on Friday when 39-year-old Tracy Ferguson allegedly ran out from between two parked cars and threw gasoline on them. He then attempted to light a flare, but was unsuccessful.

Police were able to catch Ferguson after the father found Officer Elaine Disbrow. The officer told WABC, "He had no shirt on, and he was screaming, "He tried to kill me.' He gave me his t-shirt and it had a strong odor of gasoline." Police caught Ferguson after a seven block chase (which one report says ended inside the boy's school), and he was charged with attempted murder.

Police say the man had been dating Ferguson's ex-girlfriend, and Ferguson planned the murder as an act of jealousy. He has reportedly showed no remorse for his actions. One police chief said, "He's as cold and calm as can be right now and he'll just wait this out and finish going through the process." The father wasn't hurt, but the boy is at the Jersey City Medical Center being treated for chemical burns on his scalp.