An NYPD spokesman says a man entered the 28th Precinct station house in Harlem around 2:30 p.m. yesterday "with no legitimate purpose and refused to leave." Sources tell the Daily News that Jihaad Curry, 27, asked officers, "If I go to jail tonight would I get something to eat?” This was allegedly followed by, “If I punch you in the face, how long would I go to jail?”

Officers attempted to escort Curry out of the station, but he allegedly resisted, and in the ensuing scuffle two officers fell down and sustained minor hand injuries. They were treated at St. Luke's Hospital (also famous for its soup and salad bar) and released.

Curry achieved his objective, and was charged with assault on police officers, disorderly conduct, obstruction of governmental administration, and harassment. He is presumably being processed at Manhattan's Central Booking, where one Yelp review raved about the quality of the produce, while finding fault with the peanut butter:

During my last stay the food was pretty decent. The fruit seemed fresh, the bananas didn't have any spots and the apples had a satisfying crunch. You also get a miniature box of kellogs brand cereal and a small elementary school sized milk which is pretty tasty. However you will sometimes get a disgusting sandwich for a meal which are always stale bread with bologna or some brown paste purporting itself to be peanut butter. The brown paste can be used to write messages on the walls to future captives.

Another tough critic writes, "Their menu needs work.The Kool-Aid helps the nasty water taste a little bit better, but their sandwiches are awful. The bread is reminiscent of styrofoam and the bologna is rough around the edges." Get it together, Tombs!