A pharmacy manager in Wayne, New Jersey is facing criminal charges for allegedly installing cameras in a men's room at St. Joseph's Hospital—and in the men's room at a Barnes and Noble and a gym in Fairfield! "I put that camera in the bathroom. I have a problem," Leonardo Zoppa confessed to a hospital security director on Wednesday. But before we go any further, let's make it clear that we're not going to use this as an opportunity to take cheap shots against New Jersey—just because they've been known to get it on with cows and molest sleeping women on airplanes doesn't mean everyone in the Garden State is perverted. We're pretty sure Bruce is a straight-up dude, at least.

Police say Zoppa had been recording in the hospital bathroom for at least a month, and that nobody even suspected him of anything when he confessed. NJ.com reports that on Tuesday "maintenance workers had discovered the camera and placed it in a toolbox, not thinking anything of it." Because hey, what New Jersey men's room doesn't have a few perv cams hidden in it? Investigators believe that after Zoppa went to check on the camera and found it gone, he panicked. When he was called into a routine meeting to discuss a "code change" with security director Baggo Mileski, "he was red-faced and appeared very nervous."

Zoppa reportedly asked Mileski "Do you know anything else about me?" and when Mileski played along, Zoppa spilled the beans about his skinema verite. He was promptly fired, and police have charged him with invasion of privacy.