This week, Timothy West was acquitted of all charges related to the rape of a 21-year-old Applebee's waitress in Ozone Park. And then he was shipped right back to prison, where he is serving out a seven-year prison term for an attempted burglary in another case. The Daily News was able to get a jailhouse interview with him and ask about the attempted rape charges: "I never raped her and the jury saw that. I don't know why she'd say that, but it's not true. I have sisters. My mother raised me. I would never disrespect a woman like that. It's just wrong."

According to his accuser, West broke into the waitress's house, raped her twice by knife-point, and then asked for her phone number for a later date. But West says it was consensual: "She let me in her house, we drank, then had sex. Then we drank more and had sex again. She wanted to. Does that sound like rape? Then she went crazy and wanted to testify against me and all that. I had no idea why. She definitely set me up. I still don't get it." West texted the waitress hours after the encounter asking her to call him. In the ensuing conversation, she asked him "You just broke into my house, yo. I've never seen you before...You try to rob me, then you rape me. Why you did that to me?" He apologized, and the whole conversation was recorded by police.

But West alleges that he wasn't apologizing for the rape: "I apologized because I was on parole for a while, and I got confused by the whole situation. It's just crazy. I didn't know what she was talking about." West had just been paroled from a five-year prison stint for a 2005 Queens robbery when he was arrested for the rape.