A Long Island man is accused of taking the term pet lover way too far: landlord Mitchell Marsicano was allegedly caught sneaking into his neighbor's apartment and sexually abusing his pet dog, Snowball. Did he also inadvertantly put his fingers inside the dog?

Mitchell Marsicano, 55, pleaded not guilty in court yesterday to charges of misdemeanor sexual abuse of an animal and felony burglary. According to Nassau County prosecutors, Marsicano illegally entered the apartment of one of his tenants and was caught by the owner sexually abusing the dog (who is either a 2- or 4-year-old 23-pound male Shiba Inu). Marsicano denied the allegations and countered that the tenant, Daniel Miller, hadn't paid his rent (...and therefore was accusing him of molesting a dog?). According to CBS, "the dog was examined at a nearby animal hospital and showed signs of trauma."

And as you can see by his mug shot (and in a larger shot on Newsday), he's a Jets fan. Sigh: would Rex Ryan approve of such behavior?