A Brooklyn man is being held on $50,000 bail for allegedly raping a woman in the bathroom of East Village nightspot last weekend.

Authorities say that Brenton Maughn-Tulloch, 30, met the victim at Beauty Bar, on East 14th Street, on Saturday, January 21st. Around 1 a.m., DNAinfo reports he and the "22-year-old woman who he had met that evening, headed to the bathroom to do cocaine... While they were in the bathroom he made a move on the woman, but when she refused he pinned her against the wall, pulled down her pants, and raped her, police said."

The criminal complaint said Maughn-Tulloch pinned the woman "by using his body to apply pressure to her from behind."

The victim left the venue and called the police, who arrived about 30 minutes later and found Mauhn-Tulloch there. He was charged with first-degree rape.