A 36-year-old graphic designer turned himself into the ASPCA today, accused of being a serial killer of his girlfriend's cats. The Post reports that Sean Lynde "faces felony animal cruelty charges and a slew of misdemeanors" over four deaths and the Daily News has terrible details about the alleged killings and the cover-up:

Lynde's alleged cat killing began last October when a cat named Cleo was found dead behind a dryer with her mouth full of laundry detergent, while Zoe was found badly beaten and later had to be euthanized, according to the ASPCA.

Lynde's girfriend went out and adopted two kittens named Willie and Betty. The next month, she came home to discover Willie was having trouble walking. Then, a couple nights later, she came home to find Betty dead. "Mr. Lynde states that she fell from a countertop to the floor and stopped breathing," said [ASPCA special agent] Pentangelo.

Still not suspecting Lynde, the girlfriend adopted two more kittens named Emo and Bonafide. Bonafide was found dead with a broken neck. And when Emo vanished, Lynde allegedly told his girlfriend the kitty ran away.

Lynde apparently moved out in December and the ASPCA was tipped off by someone who was concerned about the girlfriend's cats dying.

On Lynde's website, he says one of the things he likes to do is "spending time on The Lake in Maine with my wonderful family and two of the most lovable dogs you could ever meet." Lynde was also charged with stalking and harassment—he allegedly punched his ex-girlfriend's computer.