A 29-year-old man has been arrested in the Caribbean in connection with the 2006 cold case murder of Chanel Petro Nixon. Veron Primus, a former Brooklyn resident who had long been a suspect in the case and knew Nixon through her school and church, has been indicted by a grand jury following two interviews conducted by NYPD detectives in St. Vincent earlier this spring.

Nixon had left her Bed-Stuy home and was on her way to a job interview when she disappeared in June 2006. Four days later, her strangled body was found in a garbage bag on Kingston Avenue. Pix 11 reports Nixon told her mother and friend that she also had plans to meet Primus, who then lived in Crown Heights, while she was out. At the time, Primus told authorities that Nixon never showed up for their meeting.

In 2015 Primus was deported to the Caribbean after serving prison time for violating an Order of Protection from an-ex girlfriend. He has been in St. Vincent police custody since April 21st on suspicion of murder and kidnapping. At that time, Primus was labeled as a person of interest in Nixon's murder.

Sources on St. Vincent told Pix 11 that Primus talked openly about Nixon's murder case, and new forensic evidence along with inconsistencies in conversations with detectives led to the NYPD arrest and indictment.

NYPD chief Robert K. Boyce and Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson are expected to announce Primus's arrest and charges at a noon press conference today.