A Saudi man who is accused of kidnapping, torturing and sodomizing a man on the Upper West Side earlier this year has rejected a plea deal that would have given him 10 years in prison. Naief Al-mateiry, 26, was arrested on Feb. 17, a day after he allegedly kidnapped an unidentified man and held him hostage at the victim's apartment. According to court documents, "Al-mateiry punched his victim in the face and chest before grabbing a metal hanger and wounding the man in the eye and neck. Al-mateiry allegedly then sodomized the battered man several times before grabbing a knife and leading him to two ATMs."

The Saudi embassy initially offered to pay his $50,000 bail, but Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon (who also gave Lil Wayne a year in jail and dealt with Letterman's sextortionist) rejected the offer. Al-mateiry, who graduated from Washburn University in Kansas, initially asked prosecutors for a five year prison deal, but was offered a minimum of 10. He faces up to 25 years in jail if convicted at trial, which is set to proceed forward today.