The reports of creepy dudes using Facebook to stalk and harass teens keep rolling in: police have accused a 53-year-old Pennsylvania man of creating multiple fake Facebook accounts in an attempt to lure a 14-year-old girl into have sex with him. And there was a split-personality/teenage fantasy twist to the suspect's machinations.

Suspect William Ainsworth, who was arrested late last week on several felony charges, told police that he made two profiles under the names “Glenn” and “Anthony” to live out a fantasy of who he wanted to be as a teenager. He told police "Glenn" was "a strong adult male" and that he used the persona "to counsel some of the girls." "Anthony", on the other hand, was for soliciting girls for nude photos; he would then introduce the girls to "Glenn."

Both of Ainsworth's personalities/profiles were in contact with the 14-year-old Butler County teenager—"Glenn" set up a time to have a sexual encounter with the girl, while "Anthony" encouraged the girl to "follow through" and "just do it." But before the meeting could take place, the girls' parents found the messages, and notified police.

Yesterday, police said that a 14-year-old New Jersey girl was sexually assaulted by a man who had been Facebook stalking her—it also turned out that the same suspect had met at least one other teen via Facebook and possibly sexually assaulted her as well.