A Hells Kitchen man has been charged with beating his girlfriend's dog with a belt and blinding it in one eye when she was out of town for an acting gig. Joseph Graves, 30, is accused of abusing Broadway actress Ashley Yeater's four-year-old Yorkshire terrier when he was supposed to be pet-sitting the pooch on Jan. 16.

While Yeater—who has had roles in "The Producers" on Broadway and touring productions of "Cats" and "Footloose"—was away, Graves allegedly kicked and whipped the dog with a belt, then waited two days before bringing the animal to a veterinarian, according to the Post. The dog, which is named Emmet, was treated for six broken ribs and had his left eye removed. He is currently recovering with one of Yeater's relatives.

"The dog suffered traumatic injuries and could have easily died from those injuries if he waited much longer," said ASPCA spokesman Joseph Pentangelo. "The pet was nearly killed because a person couldn't control his temper." According to the Daily News, Graves was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated animal cruelty and criminal mischief. He is due back in court on April 27.