Over the weekend, police announced that a suspect had been arrested in a violent attempted rape and home invasion that took place in a Greenpoint apartment. Now, Brooklyn prosecutors say that Darryl Williams threatened to kill the woman and also put her into a chokehold.

The attack took place on June 21st, at around 3:30 p.m., in the victim's home near Meeker Avenue and Kingsland Avenue. According to the NYPD, the 37-year-old woman answered her apartment door to find an unidentified man standing there. During their brief exchange (apparently he asked for "Jeffrey"), the man forced his way inside, shoving the victim into her bedroom.

Police say the victim tried to fight him off by punching him in the groin. According to the criminal complaint, the 25-year-old Williams told her, "I have a knife in my bag. You're going to suck my dick or I'll kill you," before wrapping his hands around her neck. He allegedly tackled her to the floor, unzipped her dress, and started choking her again. She lost consciousness and Williams allegedly slammed her front door into her head repeatedly.

The suspect fled and the victim was treated for a laceration to the head that required four staples, plus bruising and swelling to the throat and face. She also reported that her cellphone was missing.

In addition to attempted rape, Williams was charged with strangulation, assault, burglary, attempted criminal sex act, criminal obstruction of breathing. He is being held on $75,000 bail.

His family was shocked by the charges, with an uncle telling the Post, "He’s a good kid.... It’s a frivolous accusation. False accusation. He works in UPS. He lives with his mom. He’s a good kid. He sets goals. He accomplishes goals. He finished high school. Whatever he sets his mind to, he gets it done."