Here's a little tale of motherly love gone awry. When a baggage handler who worked at JFK was busted for running a drug-trafficking ring, his mother flew to Africa to hire a shaman to put a voodoo curse on the prosecutor's handling the case. Kind of sweet, isn't it? But now they're both in some legal hot water that even a mystical hex can't fix.

JFK employee Victor Bourne is accused of running a massive cocaine smuggling ring and roping his mother in to launder the cash he made from the operation. When Bourne was busted, his mother Maria Alleyne hopped a plane to Africa to hire a witch doctor to curse the officials who went after her son. In the words of Don Henley: "Woooo-hoooo, witchy woman."

Alleyne's visit to the shaman is protected by the Constitution, but she is being accused of running shoe stores in Brooklyn and Barbados that acted as fronts for Bourne's illegal cashflow. Bourne and Alleyne both maintain their innocence, and their trial is scheduled to begin on Monday in Brooklyn. Wonder which cost more: the shaman or the lawyer?