Newsday reports that the Time Warner Center doesn't want to be called a mall. Hello, boutiques, atrium, food court...MALL! Big deal if there are high end stores in there - the Mall at Short Hills has John Varvatos, Armani, and Burberry. So what if the TW Center doesn't have a big department store anchoring it and does have expensive restaurants and an expensive hotel? There's an A/X, Williams Sonoma and Tumi Luggage. Do the math. Gothamist feels the Time Warner Center should just get over itself and embrace its mallness 'cause if Time-Warner isn't trying to be mainstream, then 90% of the Time Inc. portfolio and Warner Bros. slate need to go.

William Grimes likens the Time Warner Center Whole Foods' eating area to a food hall like Harrods, but anyplace where there is a 248 seat cafe within an atrium spaced, it's a food court.