Like much of life itself, a casino is a chintzy, florescent-lit lagoon of despair where the deck is stacked against you and the drinks are watered down and the roaring promise of a jackpot is the only means of staving off thoughts about The End. But what happens when a $43 million miracle win turns out to be a lie?

A Queens woman became the victim of just such a cruel joke earlier this year when she was reportedly told that her $42.9 million slot machine jackpot was null and void on account of a mechanical error. According to ABC, Queens resident Katrina Bookman was told she had won a $42,949,642.76 prize by one of the slot machines at Jamaica's Resorts World Casino. Doing what any rational person would do, she snapped a selfie with the winning total and thought of her loved ones.

Bookman told ABC 7 she was raised in the foster care system and was homeless as a teenager before raising four kids on her own. "I kept thinking about my family," she said, recalling the moments after she thought she hit the jackpot. However, when Bookman returned the next day to claim her winnings, a casino employee delivered his best Willy Wonka impression. The New York State Gaming Commission said that Bookman's slot machine had been malfunctioning, a glitch that automatically voids her jackpot.

Bookman says she was offered a complimentary steak dinner as a consolation gift—a handout she chose to decline. ABC 7 reports that the machine that dealt Bookman the bogus jackpot was taken from the gaming floor and repaired.

"They win, and now the house doesn't want to pay out. To me that's unfair," Bookman's attorney, Alan Ripka, told ABC 7. Ripka is now demanding that Bookman be paid $6,500, which is the maximum jackpot allowed by the Sphinx slot machine she had been playing when the glitch occurred. "The machine takes the money when you lose. It ought to pay it when you win."