Here's a change from the Twilight-induced sexual harassment claims at a Bronx precinct: A NYPD sergeant has filed a complaint against his male Transit Bureau boss over the boss's unwanted sexual advances, including ones during train patrols.

Sgt. Nelson Fernandez claims that Transit District No. 4 (which covers Union Square) commander Deputy Inspector Thomas Connolly would call him into his office, then "lounge back with his feet up, and [put] a pen in his mouth and start sucking on it in a sexual manner...He doesn't say a word to me. He's looking at my crotch and smiling." Connolly also allegedly complimented Fernandez's "shining" hair and "sexy" look, and the complaint also states that Connolly was all over Fernandez during train patrols, "rubbing his arm on me," even when the train wasn't crowded.

Fernandez says Connolly has creepily hit on him six times in the past year, and despite his efforts to ignore it, "I'm fed up." He reported the misconduct to the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, saying "Everyone in the command jokes around, 'Why don't I take one for the team?' and I'm tired of that." NYPD Captains Endowment Association President Roy Richter called the allegations "false and malicious."