Word from Albany is that Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith expects a vote on the MTA bailout proposal to happen tomorrow. Today he is meeting with the two Democratic senators from Nassau and Suffolk Counties respectively who appear to be the last holdouts in getting a plan passed. Doesn't it give you a fuzzy feeling knowing that the possibility of paying $100 for a monthly Metrocard to ride a bus line that no longer exists now rests in the hands of Long Island legislators? Smith didn't really provide a boost of confidence today when he said, "The governor offered a suggestion that we think was a very interesting idea, one that has merit. And we're hopeful that today, once we complete all our negotiations, we'll be putting a final bill on the floor. Or we may have to ask for a message of necessity, which the governor would have to do." Paterson's latest "secret plan" to reimburse local school districts for the payroll tax needed for a bailout won over two Westchester senators—no word on what might be used to entice their Long Island colleagues.