The Department of Transportation is looking into making Union Square more pedestrian friendly. Well, it's certainly not car friendly as it is. NY1 reoprts that the DOT is looking at creating a "possible five-foot sidewalk on the north end of the park and modifying the timing of traffic signals to allow more east-west traffic flow, which would also allow for more east-west pedestrian crossing time." A sidewalk for the north end of the park? Instead of that portable metal gate? What will they think of next!

The Union Square Community Coalition wants to change 17th Street between Broadway and Park Avenue South into a one way street, which the DOT doesn't like, probably it makes sense. That street is such a pain to cross, and the cars there get confused about whose turn it is to walk or drive... Ugh!

The coalition says, "This is not a thruway. Union Square is a destination," and that it truly is. It's where people joined together to mourn, popsicles melt, people perform, trees fall, and weird clocks happen. Not to mention wonderful food is sold.

Photograph of people at Union Square on August 14, 2003 (the NYC Blackout) by the AP