Later today we should hear that Alabama will face Texas for the National Championship. Alabama unquestionably deserves their shot, they went undefeated in the ultra-tough SEC and beat the former #1 team, Florida in the SEC Championship last night. Texas is a tougher case, they squeaked by a mediocre Nebraska squad and while they beat Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, they did not play a very tough schedule. And, with Cincinnati, Boise State and TCU also undefeated, there are other teams that deserve a chance to win it all.

It is becoming an annual rant
, but college football needs a playoff system. Depending on which schools go to what bowl games, we could have up to four undefeated teams when the season ends on January 8th. In that event, how can we consider Texas or Alabama the true “National Champion”? That was what the BCS was supposed to create, an undisputed champion, but all it seems to have done is create more controversy.

In the past few years we have seen two teams go undefeated, yet not get the chance to compete for the title. We have seen one-loss teams crowned the champion over other one-loss teams and a two-loss team win the title when other teams had only one loss. It’s all messy and today will be no different. It’s a shame that an organization that brings us the excitement of March Madness and holds football playoffs at other levels, won’t create a playoff system for Division 1 football.